You probably have long-term goals, but how often do you evaluate them and take a step back from the daily routine? This is where a free business health check can come in really useful. Most business owners spend the majority of their time thinking about the here and now. But are you still as aware of the entire business structure as you were when it first began?

When we carry out a check, together we will be looking at the steady progress within your company and what you can do on that day to make it even better. Day to day tasks and meetings can get in the way of looking at the bigger picture. Working together, we can evaluate every aspect of your company and as someone looking from the outside in, I will point out areas that could be improved upon or simply need to be thought about in a different way entirely.

What is a free business health check?

It’s an opportunity to evaluate all of the goings-on in your workplace with fresh eyes and discuss new possibilities. We’ll cover all your operations such as:

  • Employees
  • Resources
  • Finances
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Business strategies
  • External factors

We will look at areas that stand out and celebrate the strengths. It’s important to be reminded what you’re doing right because often times business owners will dwell on the negative results or the numbers they aren’t seeing. When in reality, there are probably a lot of things going well that shouldn’t be touched!

As well as this we’ll discuss areas that may need improvement and I can advise you as to how you should approach them. It will take into account all the resources and methods you’ve previously expended. We’ll work around what’s already in place to tackle the bumps and get your business back on track efficiently and effectively.

The advantage of having a business advisor like myself carry out your free business health check is that you have someone looking at your company with completely impartial and unbiased opinions. I will simply recommend strategies that could suit your current situation, and you can decide in the long run which will be the most sustainable.

Why is it important for you?

We are all worried about meeting targets and completing our day-to-day tasks. This is what contributes to the continued running of the company after all! It’s easy to get caught up in all this alongside meetings with clients and trying to maintain a work-life balance. It’s not very often people get the chance to step back and have a good look at all the operations and building blocks of the business.

To stay ahead of your competitors, it should be non-negotiable that you’re always looking for ways to improve. It goes without saying that a company can’t be run the same forever.

We look after our own health on a regular basis and are constantly looking out for red flags that tell us we’re unwell or that something’s not quite right. So why don’t we do the same with all the hard work that is a company you’ve built from the ground up? By carrying out this free business health check early on, you’re more likely to save money in the long run!

What’s involved?

If you work with an experienced business coach/advisor such as myself, it is a fairly easy process. Plus, you get an outside look into the day to day runnings. Once we’ve completed the diagnostic part of the health check, I will support you with putting together a plan to put any necessary changes into action.

Free business health check

Accounting and finances

This is where we look at how you’re managing incomings and outgoings. We need to make sure that everything you are doing and want to do for the business can be looked after and undertaken without having a financial impact. By looking at the way you’re carrying out bookkeeping and holding all the financial information, we may be able to figure out more sustainable and cost-effective strategies to put into place right off the bat.

Understandably, everyone wants to make the most profit possible and that tends to be all you’re worried about. But if you’re not looking into your finances from the outside and in-depth, you won’t know for certain what’s going on. If you have someone looking after this kind of thing externally, you may become even more alienated from it so this is a good chance to wrap your head around it all again.

Here are some of the areas we check and what is important about them:

Marketing and sales

How are you currently promoting your business and what platforms are you using to do so? There are so many ways people choose to advertise and approach marketing so it’s important you’re utilising the ones that are producing the highest results for you. This is where we can also go over your buyer persons and target audience.

It’s important you’re using platforms your audience is active on and there may be some marketing strategies that you hadn’t thought of implementing. If this is the case, it’s my job to let you know what options there are and support you in putting them in place when they’re beneficial to your company.

Workplace culture

Contrary to what many people believe, this is an important part of any business health check because your employees and everyone inside the business are the company’s main assets. They’re what drives the business forward on a daily basis and if they aren’t happy or satisfied in their job, you will see a drop in productivity, resulting in poor quality work and decreased profitability.

Deciphering how you organise employees and resources, as well as the overarching structure of the business, is all integral to its smooth running. Getting your visions aligned with those of your team and even setting new goals to match the improved strategies you have in place could be beneficial outcomes of this check.

External factors

There are things out there beyond our control, so it’s vital you have plans in place for dealing with such situations should they arise. Your industry is changing daily, so if there are updates you weren’t prepared for or problems that could end badly, now is the time to be ready for them. We should try our best to have plans in place for anything that could impact your business.

This doesn’t mean you have a crystal ball and can see anything coming your way. Nor does it mean you need an answer for everything. But you do need to be prepared. As best you can. This all reverts back to making the most cost-effective choices and ensuring the strategies you have in place are as efficient as possible.

It’s also important that you keep up the monitoring of your information. The more aware you are of the running of your business, the less it will shock you when something happens that changes your course. You can keep everyone else up to date too and keep you all on the same wavelength with every area of the business. This way you have the support of your employees just as much as they do you.

Get your free business health check now

Any company, no matter how big or small will benefit from this. Take the time out to survey your business and get to grips with how things are moving. This way you can recognise elements that are going well and those that may need some TLC. Your business will change with the times and so it’s imperative you can mould with it.

It’s not just a way of reeling off everything you’re doing wrong. We will celebrate the successes and figure out together, what we can implement to make it even better. Our aim is to boost profit, efficiency and overall work satisfaction for you and your employees.

If you can see how beneficial a health check would be for your company, don’t hesitate to get in contact. I’ll take an in-depth look alongside you and your team and we can start working together to make the next steps in growing your business. With over 30 years in the industry, I’ve successfully worked with a range of businesses to develop effective business plans, incorporating innovative sales and marketing features that provide the right results. Together, we can transform your business, and unlock its true potential. Contact me today at or complete the contact form here and I’ll get back to your shortly to discuss your individual requirements.