Top of the list for any new business owner is undoubtedly going to be focusing on attracting new clients. But without a solid client acquisition strategy, it’s going to be hard to draw in and hold onto those potential customers.

It has to be achievable and sustainable for you, so the ways in which you approach it need to be carefully thought out. The competition can be fierce and it can be an intense start when you’re building your business and getting your brand noticed. Expanding your network and getting to know what your prospective customers want is an important place to start.

It’s all well and good getting the traffic coming in, but if you can’t convert them to returning customers, it’s a lot of effort for little reward. That’s what we’re going to discuss – how do you keep your customers from falling through the gaps? But first, we should find out a bit more about it.

What is client acquisition?

Simply put, it refers to the process of attracting customers and bringing them into your business.

You’ll have a target audience and some buyer personas suited to your company, so you know the type of people you’re trying to attract. This should give you some insight into what exactly they’ll be looking for – whether that be online or in person. Different business types will find methods that work for them and it can differ greatly.

Client acquisition allows your business to grow in terms of revenue and reputability, but what really matters is the conversion of potential customers, to actual buyers.

As consumers make the transition from a website visit to a customer, they learn more and more about your business. They will have a specific need in mind when they find you and the way you present your solution to that need will determine whether or not the lead becomes a client.

The difficult part is holding onto those leads.

How do I make sure I don’t let them slip away?

As the owner, you’re going to know what unique selling points and solutions you can provide people with. But you first need to ensure you’re marketing them in a way that will match the ways in which the customers are looking for them.

The more you can show people about what you know and the product you’re providing, (and the broader range of ways you can do this) the better. People need to see it will be worth their time and money before they make a final decision. There are plenty of ways you can go about this but these are a few we suggest.

Sell the solution to the problem, not the product

If you can pinpoint the exact problems your target market is facing daily, you’re onto a winner. From here, you can sell all the ways you as a company can make their lives better and solve their problems!

It’s important to believe in the products you sell as a business owner. But don’t get caught up in the facts and figures of what you’re providing. The average consumer doesn’t really want to know how many you sold in the last 10 years – they want to know if it will benefit them.

When it comes to marketing your product, it’s going to be different within a client acquisition plan. They have already chosen you as a potential company to buy from, but now they need to be persuaded to make the final decision.

This is when it becomes really important to market your unique selling points and sell the solution, not the product.

For example, someone buying a new computer might not care that it comes in 5 different colours. But they will want to know that it has 1TB more storage than other top-of-the-range laptops, so they won’t have to worry about running out or spending more money on extra storage space.

Once they know that a product or service will solve an issue they are trying to tackle, they are more likely to want to buy it.

Consistent communication

If a potential customer doesn’t feel like they’re being listened to, you’re going to lose them. Ensuring you keep good communication with customers could be the key to future clients too.

A large part of obtaining new clients can be using referrals from existing customers. I’m sure you’ll have noticed a lot of companies putting testimonials to the forefront of their marketing strategy. It goes without saying that positive reviews from real people go a long way in terms of business exposure.

So maintaining relationships will benefit your business in the long run and should definitely be a priority to ensure your customers don’t slip away.

Especially if you’re selling a service and not a one-off product, how you follow up with a client can be important too. This will give you a chance to receive all-important feedback that can be used as testimonials. (Another great way to draw in customers!)

Poor follow-ups may also mean that your company’s reputation takes a hit. They will feel like their experience with you is incomplete and probably won’t come back.

Value-added content

A great marketing tool that can really grab the attention of potential customers is value-added content. This is because, when someone discovers you through some rich content you’ve created, you’re already providing them with some information they need.

It immediately gives them a reason to click through because they’ve seen something relevant. It’s like a flood-gate – once they see something that grabs them, they’re going to want to look further to see if there’s anything else out there like it.

One positive aspect of this type of content is that people can share it widely. It’s easy to do so and if it relates to one person, there’s a likelihood it will relate to others around them. That’s why you should make sure it’s still your content they’re seeking out.

Having a solid content marketing strategy will help with this. If you’re consistently producing high-quality, relevant content, they’re going to keep finding it. Blogs are great for this, and it can provide people with information-rich content that could be the reason someone chooses to buy from you.

If you can do this successfully, you have a fantastically sustainable client acquisition tool at your fingertips.

Build a community

A natural part of our personalities is wanting to feel part of a community. We like to belong to something and be around others that share our interests. It’s a brilliant way of making sure your customers stay close, and have a reason to stay.

Many businesses spend a lot of their time and budget creating a community where like-minded clients can interact and stay up-to-date with your company. Most achieve this successfully through social media.

It can be hard to build up at first, but again using your value-added content and testimonials, you have a solid foundation for building it up.

Once you become more visible, it’s a sustainable means of client acquisition because the larger your community becomes, the more people that will want to be a part of it. It should be an aim to make them think they’re missing out on your product or service!

The bigger that community is, the more positive responses and better rapport you’ll have to help promote yourself. It also becomes a great unique selling point – invite people to join your community, and sell your business at the same time. It will be another reason for people to keep coming back – as well as the fact that hopefully, your content will be popping up everywhere!

No more slipping through the cracks

Making sure your potential clients don’t slip away might seem like a mammoth task. But remember, it’s not just drawing in the leads that’s important. With clear, consistent communication and a product or service that clearly solves people’s problems, you’ll be seeing more and more loyal customers grow with your business.

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