Any good business owner will consider their people to be the most important asset to their business. With the right people, the possibilities are endless. You can grow, pivot, reach new markets, win new clients and customers, and achieve all of your other goals. However, recruiting these people is easier said than done. How can you tell who will be a good fit, and which hires could be a mistake? This is something that plagues many business owners, whether they’re hiring their first team member or their hundredth. It’s important to recognise that recruiting the right people is a skill that you probably won’t develop overnight! Successful recruitment takes plenty of thought, research, and practice. But, in time, there’s no reason why any business owner can’t curate a team that helps bring their business to new heights. So, in today’s blog post, we’ll be taking a look at why recruiting the right people for your business is so necessary, as well as some top tips to help you do it, no matter what your business is about.

Why recruiting the right people for your business is crucial

Now, this may sound like common sense, but bringing the right team members on board is vitally important for any business. But exactly what benefits can it bring to you, your existing team, and your wider business? Here are just a few:

Think about the financial implications

There’s no doubt that recruiting people is an expensive business. There are lots of associated costs such as recruiter fees, training, and simply the time that it takes to hire someone new. As a result, recruiting the wrong person can be a very costly mistake! On the other hand, recruiting the right people can recoup your investment as they bring their skills and experience to your team.

Recruiting the right people improves the team as a whole

In teams, it’s natural for there to be a certain level of conflict. However, if the team generally gets on well, this can be managed fairly easily. However, if you are recruiting the wrong people, conflicts are far more likely to arise and be harder to resolve. It can also breed feelings of resentment within teams, as others may feel that your new hire isn’t doing a good job or benefitting the team in other ways.

Productivity rises and your business benefits

One of the greatest benefits of recruiting the right people is the time it saves. Less time is spent on recruiting people to replace them, correcting their mistakes, and training people that then leave. So, your existing employees will be able to be more productive. And, by introducing the right people to your team, productivity should generally rise and your business should see an improvement as they start utilising their unique skills, talents, and knowledge to your benefit.

Top tips on recruiting the right people for your business

Do your research!

The key to recruiting the right people for your business is knowing exactly what you want before you even start the recruitment process. So, the first thing you need to do is to research and think hard about what it is you want. This process might be fairly easy, as there’s an obvious gap in your current team that needs a specific skill set to be filled. Or, the position could be broader. In this case, you need to ask existing employees about their thoughts, research other companies and what they’re doing, and just generally assess the situation and the sort of person that would fit well in that position. You can then use this research to inform your decisions throughout the entire recruitment process.

Give your existing team members a say

Speaking of getting existing employees involved, this can be crucial to recruitment success. Chances are, you probably wouldn’t enjoy being given a new team member out of the blue, without having a say in who it is. So, it’s the same for your existing teams! When looking to recruit someone new, give the people who will be working with them closely a say. What traits do they think would be most useful? What sort of candidate do they definitely want to avoid? How well do they think the candidates will fit in with the company culture? This will also help your existing teams to feel valued, appreciated, and involved in the running of the business, helping to boost employee morale and responsibility.

Consider hiring in-house (or at least being involved)

Recruitment can be a long process that requires lots of people in your business to get involved in some way. Many business owners feel that they simply don’t have the time to go through a long-winded recruitment process. So, they outsource it to an external recruitment company. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as you choose the right recruitment company. Going with someone who doesn’t really understand your industry or specific needs can quickly result in the wrong candidates being hired! Instead, consider bringing at least part of the recruitment process in-house. If this isn’t possible, try and be as involved in the process with your chosen recruitment company as possible. And, do your research to ensure that they’re a reputable company and others are happy about their experiences working with them.

Avoid unconscious bias

Unconscious bias can be a big issue when it comes to recruitment. Often, hiring is a stressful experience that takes up a lot of your time. So, your brain can try to take shortcuts to make it easier for you. However, this can lead to you hiring the same sort of people time and time again, as your brain is more likely to go for that which seems familiar. This isn’t ideal for anyone. It can lead to you recruiting the wrong people for your business instead of taking the proper time to hire the right person. And, it can lead to a reduction in diversity and inclusion in your company, which makes you a less attractive option to future candidates and doesn’t champion the best talent. So, ahead of the recruitment process, take the time to practice challenging your unconscious bias and recognise when you need to take a step back and consider things properly, rather than making a rash decision.

Advertise your openings anywhere you can

Many business owners make the mistake of only advertising their job openings on one or two job boards, especially if they’re new to the recruitment process. However, this can limit your chances of recruiting the right people as you’re not casting your net very far. Instead, consider all of the places you could potentially advertise the job on offer. Of course, the traditional job boards shouldn’t be ignored. But, are there any specialist job boards that you’ve not considered yet? What about advertising on LinkedIn? Or, do your existing employees know anyone who could be suitable? Spreading the word about your recruitment as far as possible is the best way to attract a wider pool of candidates. In turn, this ups your chances of recruiting the right people on your first attempt, and makes sure that your recruitment process isn’t biased too.

Ensure you’re giving off a good impression

Of course, there’s no use in shouting about your vacancy if your business doesn’t offer an attractive option to potential candidates. So, before you start recruiting, think about what makes your business great. Amazing candidates will probably not be short of options when it comes to finding a new job. What makes your company stand out from the rest, and why should they choose you above anyone else? Make sure that you get these good points across at every stage, from the initial job advert to the final stage interviews. Don’t forget that recruitment is a two-way street. Your candidates are also trying to figure out if your company is a good fit for them, so make sure that you’re showing them why that’s the case!

Keep an open mind

Finally, if you want to recruit the right people for your business, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind. Sure, you may already have some strong ideas about the sort of person you want to hire. But, somebody may surprise you during the recruitment process and actually end up being the best candidate. So, don’t necessarily discount someone because they’re not exactly what you had in mind as the perfect new recruit. The best teams are always made up of a wide range of people that bring different skills and perspectives to the table. So, keep an open mind when it comes to recruitment and you should find it easier to hire the right people, even if they’re not what you initially expected.

In conclusion, hiring the right people for your business can be a steep learning curve. And, it’s natural that you won’t get it completely right every single time. But, by carefully considering your entire recruitment process, what you want and need out of a new hire, and how you can ensure you’re making the right decisions, the process will become easier, whether you’re brand new to recruiting for your business, or you’ve done it all before.

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