Here at Chrysalis Partners South, we’re big advocates for hiring a business coach and the good that it can do for most businesses. Whether you want to grow your business, expand into new ideas or projects, or simply feel as though you’ve lost your way a bit, hiring a business coach can really help you, with all of this and more! But what about the businesses and entrepreneurs that feel like they actually don’t need a business coach? There are a few reasons why hiring a business coach isn’t quite right for everyone. In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at seven surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach. Not everyone needs our services, after all! So, let’s take a closer look….

1. I’m just not interested in a business coach to effectively grow my business right now

For some people, business growth isn’t the end goal. They might feel happy with where they are with their business. Perhaps you are making enough money to cover your needs or wants, and don’t want the added stresses that business growth can bring to your life. Other people are happy to just go with the flow and see where their business takes them, without thinking too much about a solid strategy or plan. If one of the above relates to you and your business, then that’s perfectly fine. After all, not every business can experience huge growth.

However, have you thought about how a business coach could actually help you grow, without piling more stress on top? We’re experts in helping businesses of all kinds spread their wings, and will have the strategies up our sleeves that will work for you and your unique situation. It’s not all about business growth. We also help our clients make more money out of their existing businesses without adding extra costs and resources. This can involve helping you with processes, systems, ideas, and more that are already in place. So, you might feel that you shouldn’t hire a business coach because you’re not interested in growing. But have you thought about having an open mind about the other ways a business coach could help you?

2. I think that business coaches are too expensive for me and my business!

Okay, it’s true that hiring a business coach does cost money, so this complaint is not entirely unfounded. There are plenty of options out there to suit different budgets, but there are still some businesses out there that just can’t afford a coach right now. If this is you, then it’s probably one of the solid and not so surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach. Whether your business is brand new, or you’re just going through a tough time right now, monetary concerns are what stop many people from even considering the services of someone to help them and their business.

While this is a completely valid reason not to hire a coach, sometimes a little investment into your business is all you need to really get things off the ground or back on their feet. No business can thrive without investment somewhere. Hiring a business coach could be the surprising investment you need! They’ll be able to guide you through tough times and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel even when things seem dark and impossible. So, perhaps that investment would actually be worthwhile? Having said this, only you can know your finances and what’s viable for your business, and we would never advise overstretching yourself for the sake of hiring a business coach.

3. I’m worried about being held accountable by a ruthless business coach!

It’s definitely true that the idea of hiring a coach can sound quite daunting! In fact, this is one of the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach that we often hear from potential clients. However, there’s no reason to be afraid. Business coaches are not here to pick apart your business and tell you off. We genuinely have an interest in helping you to succeed in whatever area you’re interested in succeeding in! But, if you truly don’t want to be held accountable for growing your business or moving forward, perhaps hiring a business coach isn’t for you. After all, it’s what we do best!

Perhaps you’re just worried about it, or maybe you feel like there’s nothing to be held accountable for. We’re experts in helping you see where processes aren’t quite going right, and equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to fix it. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, or you refuse to see where you could improve, then hiring a business coach is not for you. But for everyone else, being held accountable is truly a good thing!

4. Truly, I’m just not interested in talking about my business

We understand that opening up can be hard. It’s daunting to share your strengths and weaknesses, victories and struggles with someone who is, at first, a complete stranger. This is another one of the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach that we do hear quite often. If you really have no interest in opening up to an expert business coach, then yes, hiring one won’t be the right decision for you. After all, we won’t be able to help you unless we can learn about you and your business, and the unique challenges that you face!

Having said this, don’t underestimate the power that talking about your business in both positive and negative ways can have for you personally, as well as your business! We’ll be able to offer you a professional perspective and feedback that can help you to challenge your existing ways of thinking and come up with brilliant new ideas. So, if you’re thinking that you shouldn’t hire a business coach because you think that talking about your business won’t help, then we can almost guarantee that you’re wrong!

5. I know my business better than you! A business coach can tell me nothing new

Now, this is actually a fair point. As a business owner, it’s perfectly true that you do know your business better than anyone, even the most capable business coach out there. And, if you feel that bringing a coach in will truly have no benefit to your business, then that’s absolutely fine. As we said before, hiring a business coach isn’t right for everyone. Some people think that they don’t need assistance in running or growing their business, and that they can do it all on their own. This may not be untrue. There are successful businesses out there that haven’t needed the services of a business coach.

But have you thought, again, about the new perspectives, insight, and wider knowledge that a coach could bring? After all, coaches are there to support you with your needs. Ultimately, it’s up to you how they help you and how much of their advice you actually choose to implement. Most coaches are far more flexible than you think, and probably would be an asset to your business if they have the chance.

6. I’m just not sure what I want out of my business

Plenty of people hold off on hiring a business coach because they are feeling lost and perhaps unsure of where they’re going with their life or career. If this is you, then you may need more general support and advice than what a business coach can offer and yes, you perhaps shouldn’t hire one before you’ve figured things out a bit more. However, if it’s simply your business direction that you’re feeling lost with, that’s exactly what a coach is here for! We’ll help you come up with ideas, processes, and solutions to help you get back on track and your business thriving once more. So, don’t necessarily write off hiring a business coach because you’re feeling lost. Instead, think about the ways it could actually help you with this, in many cases!

7. I don’t think a business coach can help me. My business is too niche

Some people own really niche businesses that barely anyone else in the world would be able to run! And, this is one of the surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach that we frequently see. But why is it so surprising? Well, just because your business is really unique, doesn’t mean that someone else can’t offer a different perspective to help you. Often with business coaching, it’s not truly about the industry, products, or services that you provide. It’s more about general, tried and tested strategies that work across the board. So, there’s no reason why a coach can’t help even the most niche businesses to thrive and grow, even in tough markets!

7 surprising reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach: conclusion

So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t hire a business coach. If you feel like you don’t need one, or that you’re just not ready for one right now, then that’s absolutely fine. Plenty of businesses still do well without one. But, we hope that this article has actually shown you the many surprising benefits of hiring a business coach, even if you’re not sure you’re ready to take the plunge! A business coach can help you beyond what you might think. It’s all about finding the right one for your needs and reaping the benefits from there, which can include things that you didn’t even realise were possible.

Here at Chrysalis Partners South, we’re dedicated to delivering growth for your business and building long term, trusted relationships based on results. We have over 50 strategies that are proven to work across a whole range of industries. If you’d like to learn more about how we can be there to help you and your unique business, contact me today at or complete the contact form here and I’ll get back to your shortly to discuss your individual requirements.